Principle of operation


Principle of operation

KASOgroup smoking cabins have the CE conformity marking

  • The surrounding air is vacuumed in through the bottom and front of the cabin
  • It then circulates among the smokers and mixes in with the tobacco smoke
  • The polluted air is vacuumed into the absorber
  • It then makes its way
  • Clean air is vented outside the cabin
Zasada działania

The principle of operation is based on a forced, controlled flow of impure air through a set of filters in order to rid it of odors and harmful substances. The filtration efficiency is no less than 99,99%.

The purified air is exhausted out of the cabin (but not back into it), so as not to interfere with its precise inner air circulation. This also prevents the unpleasant tobacco smoke smell from permeating the clothing of the people who are inside.


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