KASOgroup smoking cabins are an alternative solution which creates a space for smokers which also benefits non-smokers, employers, company owners, etc.

This solution can be used in public places such as offices, councils, hotels, fairs, exhibitions, airports, theaters, pubs, casinos, workplaces, factories, companies, etc.

KASOgroup smoking cabins make it easy for company owners and employers to save some serious money thanks to reducing the length of their employees’ smoking breaks.

Traditional smoking areas do not protect non-smokers from inhaling harmful substances, which escape out of the designated area. Each KASOgroup smoking cabin is equipped with a set of filters to guarantee superb filtration by picking up at least 99,99% of impurities and absorbing the vast majority of harmful substances, like tar, tobacco smoke, allergens, dust, etc.


We offer a high quality product, which has been manufactured with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The glass walls ensure comfort while using the cabin, without causing a sense of isolation, and the transparent construction will not interfere with the room’s architecture.

The cabin is a separate unit – there is no need to connect it to a ventilation system. It only requires connecting to 230V power.



The advantages of having smoking cabins


  • protection against passive smoking, extracting 99.99% of impurities, removal of nicotine smoke and unpleasant odors
  • using the cabin makes it possible to save on costly room conversions and installing special ventilation systems
  • all you have to do is connect the cabin to a 230V power source
  • the cabin can be placed virtually anywhere
  • the transparent glass structure does not change the space where it is set up in any radical way, and it doesn’t cause a sense of isolation in those using it
  • all of the impurities remain inside the filters, which are periodically replaced
  • smoking in designated areas – like in KASOgroup smoking cabins – makes it possible to maintain clean and hygienic conditions in any given facility
Employers‘ benefits  


  • using the cabins significantly reduces time spent away from the work station
  • the company doesn’t have to pay for ineffective working time (the employee doesn’t have to waste time traveling to designated smoking places located outside of the facility)
  • no danger of fire, which could potentially be created by employees smoking in secret in non-designated areas
  • the facility surroundings and the restrooms inside are no longer littered with discarded cigarette ends and free from unpleasant odors
  • it is a way to meet the needs of the employees, both the smokers and non-smokers
  • employee satisfaction translates to better performance at work
  • KASOgroup cabins fulfill occupational safety and fire safety standards, as well as requirements put forward by insurance companies
  • having KASOgroup smoking cabins can have a positive impact on company auditing results


What is a smoking cabin?

A smoking cabin (or smoking place) is a structurally separated, free-standing room equipped with a special absorber as well as a set of filters for the removal of the nicotine smoke, harmful substances and unpleasant odor which accompany the smoking of cigarettes.

What’s important, it does not require the connection to a ventilation system.


Who are smoking cabins created for?

Contrary to general opinion, smoking cabins are not only created for smokers.
In reality, it is the non-smokers who get the greatest benefit from their use, as they can finally be spared the dangers of second-hand smoke.

KASOgroup smoking cabins are an alternative that creates space for smokers to use, which is beneficial to non-smokers, employers, company owners, etc.

They can be used in public places like: offices, administrative facilities, hotels, casinos, restaurants, airports, theaters, cinemas, pubs, workplaces, factories, companies, etc.,

as well as during: conferences, business meetings, special events, fairs, exhibits, shows, etc.


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