KASOgroup provides their products with a three-year warranty with the exclusion of components which are subject to standard utilization /filters/.

We provide warranty and post-warranty servicing.

The first service call usually takes place after 3 months – depending on the specifics of the cabin location.


Subsequent service calls are to be set up after the first call has taken place and filter usage has been measured. The filtering system is to be replaced after filter usage has been measured and indicates the need for replacement.

Service costs are to be covered by the customer.

The customer is obliged to maintain the cabin in a clean and hygienic state.


filter usage check-up and measurement

filter usage check-up and measurement

utilized filter replacement

utilized filter replacement

damage repair

damage repair

The servicing frequency depends on the intensity of cabin use and includes:

– filter usage check-up and measurement

– utilized filter replacement

– airflow duct cleaning

– damage repair

– control system adjustment

– technical inspection and maintenance


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