KASOgroup smoking cabins have the CE conformity marking

  • ceiling

    frosted safety glass
  • filters

    a set of certified multi-stage filters which picks up 99,99% of impurities and absorbs tar, pollen, dust, allergens, viruses, tobacco smoke, odors and the majority of harmful substances
  • aluminum profile

    Kolor anoda naturalna (na zamównienie każdy kolor z palety kolorów RAL)
  • walls

    clear safety glass
  • ashtray

    an ashtray with an extinguishing system installed in the filter housing, with a capacity of up to 20000 cigarette ends

The ceiling has a built-in lighting system equipped with a motion sensor so that it switches on automatically when entered.

Doors (an alternative solution): our cabins do not require doors; their construction ensures the controlled airflow without letting the air escape outside of the cabin – doors only increase the cost of the solution’s cost, however they can be installed upon the client’s request.


The following two TYPES OF DOORS are available:

1. manually opened and closed
2. doors with an automatic opening and closing system


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