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KASOgroup manufacturer of cabins for smokers

The KASO company was founded in 1998 and has been involved in product manufacturing from the very beginning. Since 2010, KASOgroup smoking cabins have been our flagship product, and we have been putting our every effort into manufacturing them with utmost care and attention to detail.

We offer some of the most efficient smoking cabins in Europe. We remove tobacco smoke and purify the air by creating designated areas for smokers. This way, we provide effective protection against passive smoking. As a manufacturer, we can provide custom-made cabins with dimensions specified by the customer, or adjust cabin dimensions to the designated space where it will be located. Our cabins do not require the mounting of doors. Their design ensures controlled airflow and does not allow the air to escape outside the cabin. However, doors can be mounted upon request from the client.

We have cabins with an AUTOMATIC door opening and closing system, which is activated by a motion detector. Our clients are large and small businesses, and we create designated smoking areas for use by their employees. We have experience in servicing offices, administrative facilities, hotels, restaurants, events, business meetings, conferences, trade fairs, airports, factories, casinos, warehouses, different workplaces and production facilities, where the smoking areas have a high frequency of use.



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